btrc imageI have chosen to fundraise for The Brain Tumour Research Campaign. BTRC was established by Wendy Fulcher after the loss of her dear husband John to a brain tumour. BTRC is headed by Mr Kevin O’Neill (my legendary neuro surgeon) and he provides the conduit for the charity’s fundraising activities, as well as contributing to and complementing the expertise of the scientific research team. BTRC draws together clinicians and academics from Imperial College, London and collaborates with other UK and international research centres. I aim to maintain, help to reach, and further extend their achievements.

So I have been fortunate to have a lot of contact with Wendy – what a delightful lady! This charity really means a lot to me and will fund the research of Kevin and his team to help establish better and more effective treatments for this ridiculously underfunded cancer. Their team of researchers, in the John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory at Hammersmith Hospital, are the people who will be studying the samples of my tumour, that were resected during my operation. Without the money raised by BTRC, this would not be possible!

I ask you to give generously wherever possible, the charity’s mission is to ultimately find out why brain tumours exist, how best to treat them, and most importantly of all, find  a cure. I know it is probably going to be too late to save my life; but they WILL help others. And, admittedly, I do cling on to the hope that, potentially, money we raise may just find a new treatment in time to help me!

Donate Here!!

I have been fundraising for BTRC since March 2015, and one year on, we have raised over £45,000!

4 thoughts on “Fundraising for Brain Tumour Research Campaign

  1. Anna, please consider going on a plant based diet to slow or even reverse your tumour growth. Read the China Study by T. Colin Campbell, watch the documentary Forks Over Knives and search out Dr. John McDougall on YouTube or find his home page. I found your story through a Facebook link after reading the story at this link. Best wishes!


    1. With all due respect, how can you think forever k e second that telling a person with a terminal brain tumor that all she has to do is eat right and her tumor will magically disappear? You have no right to do this to her or anyone else in her position because, quite frankly, you are not in her position and more importantly, you do know what you are talking about. Ian sorry, but this must be said in honor of Anna AND all other people in her position who must hear from people like you that if they only ate right they wouldn’t be dying. Shame in you.


  2. Good day,

    I am a teacher in Canada.

    Below is a link to a music video I put together to raise awareness for brain cancer and commemorate the ten4ten fund raiser lead by JF Ross teacher Mark Yanchus where they raised $300,000!

    I am hoping to share this video with as many people as possible to demonstrates what community can do.

    Here is the Twitter entry:

    RAISING AWARENESS FOR BRAIN CANCER. New music video SUNSHINE. Nathan Finoro shaves head in memory of grand father’s brain cancer

    Please follow me on Twitter @leonard_shea

    Any sharing of this example of community in action would be appreciated.


    Leonard Shea

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