As much as I am looking forward to Christmas with my family, new family and fiancé, at the moment, my thoughts are mainly focussed on the looming appointment I have in the New Year, and the results this appointment will, soon after, bring with it.

If I take you back to my post radiotherapy scan that I had in July, the results were, to begin with at least, heartbreaking. Despite 7 gruelling weeks of treatment, Trev had appeared to have grown; grown significantly. A more detailed perfusion scan however, revealed to the radiographers that it was actually just swelling caused by the treatment, and the initial worry was indeed unnecessary; which I suppose, should have been a relief. Yet, personally, I don’t think the latter news ever really sank in for me. I was always kind of waiting for the next scan for complete reassurance; this scan is on January 4th…..waiting for the result is going to be a bugger for sure!

But if you are out there Santa, I have been a very good girl this year and I have tried my hardest to handle this tumour rubbish as best as I can. I hope you have also seen that I have raised a lot money for BTRC and I continue to tirelessly raise awareness of this awful disease that has taken and continues to take the lives of so many.

Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is my scan to be stable.

Dear santa blog


Most importantly of all, I would like to wish every single one of you who has supported me this year, read a post on my blog, donated some money to BTRC…

A VERY Merry Christmas!

And for those families who are dealing with celebrating Christmas without a loved one who has sadly lost their fight against brain cancer; for those people, like me, who are unsure if this may be their last Christmas; you are all in my thoughts – stay strong my brain tumour buddies.


Lots of love and Christmas kisses from the Swabey-Bells!

Swabey- Bells