For those of you who didn’t know, I was in the Daily Mail Health Section on Tuesday.

Daily Mail Shot

I was absolutely delighted when I found out my story would be covered in the national press in the Daily Mail’s “My Operation and Me” section. I knew that, with their readership, awareness of brain tumours and the urgent need for funding would be spread rather rapidly.

Yet, I wanted to just clarify a few things as, when reading the article, myself, I felt as though I was reading about someone else in parts. I did not want to confuse people, as in places it is quite contradictory to what I have posted on here.


I have never been told that the operation I had back in March 2015 at Charing Cross Hospital would save my life. When speaking with Dr Kevin O’Neill I was informed that by removing part of the tumour in the front right of my brain it would enable the proceeding radiotherapy and chemotherapy to be more effective in those places as there would be less tumour tissue. Through use of the incredible technology The Core, that is described in the article, the surgeons were able to remove more than would normally be possible without such technological advancements. What I wasn’t told however, is that they had successfully removed ALL of my tumour in that location of my brain; I was told that roughly 3cm by 4cm was removed, still great considering the original outlook of ‘inoperable’.

In terms of my further treatment, I have also been told that I underwent radio/chemo therapy and my continuing radiotherapy to stunt the growth of my tumours. I have been told not to think that this treatment will ever shrink the remaining tumour in either location, due to the nature of the tumour I have. I continue to endure this treatment in the hope that my average prognosis of three years to live can be extended as long as possible. As with any average figure, unfortunately people do die before three years, but similarly, people live longer also; I am determined to up this average!

I’ll take this moment to thank everyone for their ongoing support, and if anybody ever has any questions about what I have been through or about what I am currently enduring, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on the post, or message me on the Inside My Head Facebook page…it is what this blog is all about!


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