As much as I am looking forward to Christmas with my family, new family and fiancé, at the moment, my thoughts are mainly focussed on the looming appointment I have in the New Year, and the results this appointment will, soon after, bring with it.

If I take you back to my post radiotherapy scan that I had in July, the results were, to begin with at least, heartbreaking. Despite 7 gruelling weeks of treatment, Trev had appeared to have grown; grown significantly. A more detailed perfusion scan however, revealed to the radiographers that it was actually just swelling caused by the treatment, and the initial worry was indeed unnecessary; which I suppose, should have been a relief. Yet, personally, I don’t think the latter news ever really sank in for me. I was always kind of waiting for the next scan for complete reassurance; this scan is on January 4th…..waiting for the result is going to be a bugger for sure!

But if you are out there Santa, I have been a very good girl this year and I have tried my hardest to handle this tumour rubbish as best as I can. I hope you have also seen that I have raised a lot money for BTRC and I continue to tirelessly raise awareness of this awful disease that has taken and continues to take the lives of so many.

Please, Santa, all I want for Christmas is my scan to be stable.

Dear santa blog


Most importantly of all, I would like to wish every single one of you who has supported me this year, read a post on my blog, donated some money to BTRC…

A VERY Merry Christmas!

And for those families who are dealing with celebrating Christmas without a loved one who has sadly lost their fight against brain cancer; for those people, like me, who are unsure if this may be their last Christmas; you are all in my thoughts – stay strong my brain tumour buddies.


Lots of love and Christmas kisses from the Swabey-Bells!

Swabey- Bells




  1. Hi Anna, it is so inspirational how philosophical you are at handling the undoubted anxiety that you are experiencing waiting for this scan result. I would be in bits. I know that I don’t need to say those familiar words “keep you chin up” because I don’t know anyone who is as positive as you in these circumstances. On behalf of us both we hope you have an enjoyable family Christmas and that 2016 brings you the positive news that you so deserve. Best wishes Michael and Mary Dalton


  2. Praying for you Anna and wishing you and all your lovely family and friends the very happiest Christmas and everything you would all wish for in 2016 (and I know what that is). Thank you all for your fabulous support in 2015 and long may it last


  3. Please pass on to your Mum and of course yourself my fondest wishes and hope for 2016. Your Mum was an amazing person to work with at York College, no one else ever came close. I will continue to support you and others in the same boat, just as loads of amazing people supported me both through the drugs and my recovery…..I hated chemo but it did give me life and once again I am enjoying a NZ hot Christmas.  I was a tutor manager at College, when we meet for a posh lunch  we always send you our best.

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  4. Hi , Hope you have a great Christmas and may the forth be with you . I hope the new year will bring all the happiness you deserve , ob


    1. Hi Kevin,
      Happy New Year!
      Indeed myself and a team of 18 others will be running the Paris Marathon in April.
      Unfortunately the last registration opened at the beginning of September, and is now completely full.
      I would be so grateful if you would consider doing any form of fundraising for BTRC and my fundraising mission…do let me know if I can be of any help.
      Thanks, Anna x


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