Post 11: I’m running the Paris WHAAAAAT?!



Wow! Seven weeks are complete!!!

If you have missed out on my continuously updated treatment diary, please scroll down to post 8 that will fill you in on a chemoturbulent 7 weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that has read my treatment diary over the past weeks and to anyone who has sent me a message of encouragement. Knowing I have the support of so many has been a lovely comfort!

A particular thank you goes to my parents and Andy for ensuring that every day I had someone to keep me company and someone to keep me laughing; completely invaluable.

I now look ahead to 4 weeks off treatment. However I have been warned that radiotherapy side effects can take at least 3 weeks to fully wear off…but I reckon I can deal with that now!


I wanted to also use today, a fab day, to share some rather exciting (daunting/crazy/mad) news with you all:

As if trying to fight Trev is not enough of a challenge for one 23 year old to take on, I always have to push that little (BIG) bit harder…


Oh lord, that’s it, I have told you all now…no going back!

Paris holds such a special place in my heart. I lived and worked there during my third year of my degree, and along with the very close friendships I made out there with Bex, Olivia, Rachel, Ellen and Tasnia, there are so many cherished memories that still lie within that beautiful city.

I have never been a “runner” in my life! I was sporty at school – netball, and the like. When it came to athletics however, I could stretch to a half decent shot putt or discus throw; running? NO THANKS! Needless to say, before my diagnosis, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who would even dare to suggest to me that running a marathon would be a good idea!!! But it is true, when you find yourself in a situation like I find myself in, your outlook does change: why on earth can I not run a marathon?! I see it as a way for me to improve my health and fitness and that can only be a good thing in my ongoing battle against Trev, right? I sought the opinions of my medical team and they too agreed, as long as I build up my training in a sensible way. So that’s that, decision made!


I want this next fundraising mission, however, to be MUCH bigger than me, a terminal cancer patient, running the Paris Marathon.

Thanks to the support and ideas of Andy Davis, we have decided we want this mission to be a TEAM EFFORT.  And this is where you wonderful people come in…

I want to get a whole team of runners and supporters together to make this weekend in April INCREDIBLE, and obviously to ensure that we raise the most amount of money possible for Brain Tumour Research Campaign. I tell you what…I am not running this marathon if I cannot guarantee it will make a HUGE difference to my chosen charity, and consequently many lives.

Currently I have a team of 11 joining me, and I am sorry folks but I am going to have to name you so there is no backing out 😛

Andy Bell

Victoria Cartwright

Matthew Swabey

Andy Davis

Bex Davis

Sam Davis

Carl Sneddon

Amy Bertram

Sarah Hargreaves

Tasnia Nizam

Lola Adeyemi


I have absolutely no limit as to how many runners can join me on this mission – my opinion most definitely being, the more the merrier!!!

I also have an extended list of a team who will form “support crew”…whatever part of the team you want to join to be in Paris on April 3rd, I will be honoured to be part of it all with you!


When things are more concrete in terms of exact plans etc. I will obviously be posting a hell of a lot more about this hugeeee fundraising mission.

For now, I ask:

We need you!

  1. Please consider if you would like to join our team and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, I will not take your contacting me as a definite yes (I promise!)…so please do not be scared to enquire! Do not feel like you have to be from a certain area of the country, or even met me yet…if you fancy setting yourself a personal challenge, but just so happen to be SO kind to help me and the charity along the way – GREAT!

ab fab


2. I am looking for corporate sponsorship – if you know, or are part of/own any companies/businesses small or large that you think may be interested in helping us plan this event then please get in touch. (For example sponsors to pay for making our running jerseys, help with costs and money for the charity etc.)

3. Please, help me to raise as much money as possible. We have until April 3rd, but why the hell not get the ball rolling now….I have set up, for the short term at least, a Just Giving Page if you feel inclined to help right away, this can be found here :

I thank you whole heartedly in advance for any part you may be able to play in this Paris Marathon Mission!


Wowzers, Anna out xxxxx

4 thoughts on “Post 11: I’m running the Paris WHAAAAAT?!

  1. Anna. You just amaze me 😊 so so proud to say you are my wonderful cousin, now get in training lol love you xxxxxx


  2. Anna, my name is Riana and I live in California, United States of America. I just found your blog the other day and couldn’t stop from reading every post. I myself had a BT when I was young and have just recently begun to look into organizations and research surrounding recovery. I admire your courage and thirst for life. Thank you for sharing your story and I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.


  3. Hi Anna, firstly you are amazing!!!! A friend was telling me about your story which was on the North East news as they knew I was doing the Paris Marathon in April too. I would love to join your team to raise money for your charity. Please contact me if I can help you xxx

    Donna Mullins


    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you so much for getting in touch! And that is amazing! I would be honoured for you to join us! Do you mind adding me on Facebook or dropping me your email address?
      Lots of love, Anna xxx


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