PIEKWFNJBJERBNVGKRJNEFLKFDNMPKOHER I still do not think it has quite sunk in…

My genuine idol, Miranda Hart has taken the time out of her busy schedule to send me a personal video message!

I did not think it was possible to adore her more than I already did, but it most certainly is!!!! What an amazing woman!

I know it sounds daft, but after a tough couple of weeks, receiving this video today, has made a HUGEEEE difference to my mood. I am buzzing!!!

If by any small chance Miranda Hart happens to read this post (I would be OVER THE MOON if she does), thank you just does not seem good enough! It is so sweet of you and you have made one balding, queasy, young girl, ELATED!

In further tribute to your amazing-ness, I have named my newly purchased wig after you! 😀 😀 😀

Here she is:

I need to also thank Mel Thompson who made this happen and contacted “her people”. Mel, yet again, YOU STAR!!!!! 😀


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